Education online

MyVideoAnalyser tries to keep their users as up-to-date as possible. By providing on location trainings at least once a year (in the Netherlands) and online at several times over the year. These sessions are recorded during the zoom meeting or re-recorder after the fact to give all our users access to the information.

NOTE: These videos will be available online as long as they are relevant and are stored newest to oldest on this site.

MyVideoAnalyser v3.1 & v3.2

16 februari 2023

What is new in MyVA v3.1 and MyVA 3.2 and what has MyVA Remote 3.2 to offer! Learn it all in this video!


Mini Masterclass Reports

16 februari 2023

A mini masterclass helping you get started with reports. Download the examples to build your own report and validate your results using the presentation!


MyVideoAnalyser v3

29 September 2022

What is new in MyVA v3 and what has MyVA Watch to offer! Learn it all in this video!


The Video Analysts Toolkit

9 March 2022

Looking back on the development of the last year and looking forward to the new DrawingTool!


The Season is Starting, get ready!

24 August 2021

Talking about starting the season as good as possible. Talking about updates, capture devices, cables, things to check and learning about Reports!


New in MyVA 2.3.0!

21 April 2021

Looking at all the new features in MyVA 2.3.0 and exploring the DrawingTool!


New in MyVA v2!

15 December 2020

Looking at all the new features in MyVA v2 and exploring the Reports feature!


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