MyVA Remote

Make your workflow wireless!

Extend your options with MyVA Remote

Connect to any
MyVA project

Use it during
live capture

View video on
the feed

View the analysis
as a timeline

Filter what information
you see

Remote highlight live
or without connection

Create a playlist
on your device

Show custom

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Easy to use!

All the tools you need are built in to MyVA, MyVA Remote and MyVA Watch. All you need is a network connection!

  • Simply enable the MyVA Remote Server in your MyVA Project.
  • Auto discovers servers in the network (if available).

Video viewing!

Watch video while being connected to a project.

  • Using the feed.
  • Using the timeline view.
  • Click and play... it's that simple!

Highlight live!

Connect to a MyVA Remote Server live capture or use as standalone device.

  • Highlighting live video with multiple people at the same time.
  • Highlight an away game without MyVA Server connection.
  • Use the same highlightschemes as in MyVA.


Want to filter the feed and timeline information?

  • Create custom filters.
  • Enable/Disable with one click.
  • You decide what you see.

Offline playlists!

Need to store some crucial video for offline use later?

  • Click or swipe and add to your local playlist.
  • Play even when no longer connected.
  • Change the order of the playlists on your device.

Custom reports!

Want to view you custom stats on your iOS device?

  • Create reports using MyVA.
  • Show stats any way you want.
  • Click your charts or stats to show the video.

Buy MyVA Remote on the AppStore and make your workflow wireless!

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